Monday, 15 February 2010

sunshine, my only sunshine..

So today has been a real worry, I had to go to the doctors after waiting two weeks to be told they didn't know a thing. This is VERY frustrating, I have a hospital appointment this thursday for a barium meal... mm tasty. A quick background of my illnesses because they've made me who I am... I lost my left eye to retinoblastoma which is a cancer of the retina, I do alot of charity work to get this recognized because it's very rare. I'm also veryvery anaemic, so i'm constantly being checked grrr!
Today I wore a navy type babydoll dress with leggings white cardigan and emu's. I'm not sure if the dress suited me, and i'm still very shy to post pictures of my body!
I'm currently looking at flats, but have got to go to the letting agents with my boyfriend sooner rather than later to see the lets that are ending around aug/sept. Very scary being in the grown up world, but at my age, my mum had me! I'm currently looking at lovely pretty homewares and getting very excited about 'decorating'. But the thought of moving away from my beautiful family for two years makes me very very upset and I still don't know what I fully want to do. I feel like this blog is very mistmatched and full of nonsense today!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Good afternoon everyone :)
It's been snowing here today! Damn weather.
Today, my boyfriend is taking me home for the next 10days which i'm so pleased about!! We've decided to buy each other presents for valentines but we're not going out when they hike the prices up! So on saturday we're spending the day with my family going to the waffle house in Norwich, the library, shopping etc!
Yesterday was a lovely suprise my boyfriend picked me up from bluewater and bought me a pandora bracelet :)
some text
some text
No charms til valentines yet though... can't wait to see what i've got it :D
By the way, i'm not spoilt, it was a present for doing so well at uni!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

snap crackle POP!

So today I think will consist of two posts, because i'm going to bluewater later!
First off, here is a picture of my beautiful face :P
some text

It's been a lovely day today, we have snow but the sky is a gorgeous blue.

Today i'm wearing;
Jeggings from Very
White long sleeve top from DP
Nautical floral tunic from DP
Links sweetie
and a gorgeous pearl, silver and diamond bracelet with my name on from my little sister.
My necklace is from elsiebelle, which my bf bought me for 50p from work?! Strange but still!
I hope everyone is doing well :)
Also, this may be shameless but, this cashback site pays 50p a day, and you get it paid into your paypal everytime you reach £1.50, here's my referal link..

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I thought i'd start with some pictures of my uni room... until I take pictures of me tomorrow... maybe!
It's a tiny room and i've tried to make it homely, it's pretty much a shrine to my little sister who I really can't live without. She's 10 and she is the best person in the whole world. I love her to pieces, and would do anything for her!
some text

Here is one of my favourite ever pictures of one of my babies his name is toulouse;

And this Toulouse and Simba;

I won't include pictures of my little sister, ever but yeah this is my first post! :).
first post :D x
first post (: working on the layout.